The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) is inviting applications from across Scotland to take on the role of Tenant Advisor for a period of three years.

Individuals from all walks of life, with focus on protected characteristics, are encouraged to apply for this position and “be instrumental in shaping the future of social housing services in Scotland”.

Tenant Advisors are tenants of either RSLs or local authorities who volunteer to participate in regulation work and support the Regulator by:

  • Testing landlord services by acting as mystery shoppers, and assessing information and materials produced by landlords for their tenants;
  • Reviewing SHR draft publications and website facilities, and helping SHR to make sure material is both accessible and user friendly for tenants; and
  • Asking other tenants for their views when we assess the quality of service provided by social landlords to give us a direct, user perspective to add to other regulatory evidence.

Experts in housing, community development, and engagement practice, the Tenants Information Service (TIS), will work in partnership and support the Regulator in our recruitment of Tenant Advisors.

George Walker, Chair at the Scottish Housing Regulator explains: “Our role is to protect tenants’ interests and to drive up the quality of services which social landlords deliver. We can only do our job effectively if we understand what is important to you.

“Tenants are a diverse group with different needs and priorities and it is important that we work with the most diverse group possible to understand these and take account of them in our work. So, I’d encourage as many different types of tenants with experience of the wide range of services that social landlords provide to apply.

“We will work with our Tenant Advisors to get your perspective on the services provided by social landlords across the country.”

Applicants do not need any formal qualifications, training, or experience to become a Tenant Advisor, and will receive ongoing support to ensure their role will be fulfilled confidently, although essential skills include:

  • Basic IT skills (i.e. navigating emails, websites, and documents)
  • The ability to interpret information from reports
  • A willingness to learn and build new skills
  • The ability to listen to and express views in a constructive way
  • Communicating well in both a written and verbal capacity

Ilene Campbell, Chief Executive at TIS added: “We are thrilled to work alongside the Scottish Housing Regulator in their recruitment of twelve Tenant Advisors. This voluntary role is a fantastic opportunity for tenants across Scotland to get involved and play an active role in improving social housing services.

“Individuals of all characteristics are invited to apply and will gain opportunities to take on new challenges and build on personal development skills. If you are passionate about making a positive change, we would love to hear from you.”

If you’d like to be considered for selection as a Tenant Advisor, please visit: