The government’s housing and regeneration agency has launched two new resources to support local government capacity.

Homes England’s New Homes Fact Sheets have been designed to support local government in conversations with local communities. It consists of a series of 10 fact sheets with key information and figures on different areas of homes building and regeneration.

Each sheet has a different focus, based on feedback from local government officials, ranging from the need for more homes to how new homes are planned and sustainable design and placemaking.

Meanwhile, Homes England says its new Capacity Analysis Tool has been created to help local authorities and other organisations identify the skills and capacity within their organisation in relation to housing delivery and regeneration, and signpost actions to help improve this capacity.

Both resources are available on the government’s website, along with the recently launched Housing Information Hub, which provides direct access to over 300 sources of guidance, information and tools relating to homebuilding, placemaking and regeneration.

Developed by Homes England’s Local Government Capacity Centre, the new resources have been designed in collaboration with local authorities, community groups, industry experts and other partners.

Mike Palin, Executive Director, Markets, Partners and Places, Homes England, said: “The New Homes Fact Sheets and Capacity Analysis Tool offer accessible, trust-worthy, self-service resources for local authorities, other professionals and individuals involved with the development of new homes and regeneration.

“In my local government career, including roles as CEO, I know that these tools would have transformed my ability to support the delivery of housing and regeneration.   I look forward to sharing these resources to support authorities, their partners and other stakeholders including all-important local communities to help deliver better homes, better places, and locally relevant social value.”