Stuart Andrew has said the government remains committed to the 300,000 homes per year target, after reports suggested Housing Secretary Michael Gove distanced himself from the figure.

Speaking at Housing 2022, Andrew said: “We are aiming to get to that 300,000 homes a year, and that target remains. But we also want to look beyond that, at the quality.”

The Minister also spoke about how the government is working “at pace” to find solutions around inflation and rent setting, with the former set to reach 11%.

He added that the government was looking at “all options”.

In his speech, Andrew said: “I have to say, in my brief time in post, I have been inspired and impressed – in equal measure – by the commitment and enthusiasm of the people who work not only in organisations like the CIH but across the sector, from our councils and combined authorities to housing associations and charities.

“When I arrived at the department – one thing was abundantly clear from the start: we have a huge challenge on our hands – and we will not get to where we need to be on housing without big ideas, big thinking and big policies to match them.

“And I can honestly say that – regardless of party, politics or place – everyone I’ve met has had one thing in common: they are geared up and raring to go.”

On safety, he said: “It’s also right that we’re pressing ahead with the vital reforms this month on safety – which marks the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire.

“It should never have taken a national tragedy and the death of 72 people for us to have woken up to just how broken the building safety regime was in this country. Years in which people had to put up with poor quality housing which they knew was unsafe – their complaints falling on deaf ears.

“We can never get those lives back, but what we can do is do the right thing by the victims of that tragedy by fixing our building safety system for good.”