Bad news for UK trees this week – though, having said, I don’t imagine there are many good-news-for-trees weeks.

Climate change experts are exasperated about cuts to tree-planting schemes in Scotland, with the woodland creation budget reduced by 41% in December.

You can read more about it here.

Meanwhile, in nice, environmentally-sustainable England a big, fat power factory is continuing to burn wood sourced from some of the world’s rarest forests.

Naturally, the offending forest devourer, Drax power station in North Yorkshire, has received £6 billion in green subsidies. Hurray! How clever! You can read more here.

Further afield on our increasingly steamy planet, research has revealed that crop production in Africa will drop 18% by 2050 if climate change continues on its current crazed course, which will leave about 200 million people facing extreme hunger. Read more about this latest burgeoning catastrophe here.

I know what you’re thinking: does rewilding help fix climate change? Yes, yes it does, at least according to an article I found, and which you can read by clicking here.

So, as usual, not exactly an uplifting update. Perhaps everything will be sorted by next week?