Would you like to know where the Scottish government’s flagship target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 is? It’s in a ditch. They’ve ditched it.

But why? Why this ditching? It’s too hard, apparently, and, to be fair, the government has missed eight of the last 12 annual targets, so it’s probable ministers foresee a day of national disappointment when 1 January 2030 rolls around and are keen to avoid it.

However, interestingly, or not, the government insists its target of a 100% reduction in emissions by 2045 is still on. From crippling self-doubt to uber-confidence in one announcement. Interesting. Or not.

So, maybe this means England’s hardworking rulers can have a little chuckle at Scotland’s failure? Ah, no. A man called Chris Stark, who is the outgoing head of the Climate Change Committee (CCC), has slammed prime minister Rishi Sunak’s attempts to fight climate change, claiming he “set us back” by failing to focus on the burning issue in the same way his predecessors did (yes, even Boris Johnson, apparently, astonishingly, etc).

And is the man Stark right? Well, Sunak dished out hundreds of new North Sea oil-drilling licences last year AND pushed back the government’s ban on petrol and diesel-powered cars by five year AND said something odd about car sharing being mandatory AND…that’s enough. Stark’s right, clearly.

However, energy secretary Claire Coutinho isn’t having any of Stark’s starkness, and has defended her regime’s “very strong track record of delivery”.

According to CC (Claire Coutinho) CC (climate change) shouldn’t mean we have to “heap costs on families”. As if the Conservatives would even dream of doing such a thing!


What else – what else is going on in the crazy world of imminent environmental obliteration? In South Korea, 200 citizens are suing the government for not tackling CC properly (that’s climate change, not Claire Coutinho). Read more here.

Meanwhile, ferocious heatwaves across Thailand, India and Bangladesh have affected millions of people, and Pakistan and China have experienced intense flooding, leading to mass evacuations. In Dubai last week, unusually extreme rainfall caused chaos. Maybe there’s something in this global warming thing after all?

It certainly doesn’t look good for those who’ve bet everything on CC being a deluded fantasy at best (that’s climate change, not Claire…ok, enough now). Last year (which I like to call ‘2023’) was the hottest on record and this year (which some are calling ‘2024’) is shaping up to potentially surpass its predecessor’s ominous heights. Read the abysmal news here.

Finally, we go back to Scotland where crazed optimists have managed to put a positive spin on this global warming business by claiming that the Highlands will soon be an ideal location for producing fine wines, specially as traditional wine-growing regions such as Italy, France and Spain will be mostly destroyed by soaring temperatures. Good news, eh? Unfortunately, I found this particular story on MailOnline, which I refuse to link to, so you’ll have to find it yourself if you can possibly be bothered.