We are currently reviewing our EDI survey to residents and wanted to find the right wording and content to ask the question around disability.  We would initially ask –

Do you have a disability ‘a physical or mental health condition which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on the person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities‘ with the option to answer Y or N.

We would then want to find out a little more detail on the disability and this is where I need some help as to what those categories would be. I have initially come up with these:

  1. Behavioural or emotional
  2. Sensory impaired disorders
  3. Physical
  4. Developmental
  5. Other

We would then at a later stage with further surveys potentially ask for more detail to understand more about the residents individual needs and therefore what extra assistance, reasonable adjustment they would need and also how this information would shape our future service.

So my question really is around the five initial categories above and whether anyone could provide me with what they use or any better or more appropriate wording.

Thanks in advance.