The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network is pleased to announce its latest best practice group, giving attendees the opportunity to network and share best practice with fellow equality, diversity and inclusion professionals.

At our last meeting we discussed what people wanted from the sessions, and agreed to use these sessions as a place for you, the members, to discuss current topics and issues you face in your roles.

These can be questions/concerns you have about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in your organisation, examples of successes you’ve had, or good practice that you would like to share with others.

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    As always, the session will be facilitated by Colin Heyman, and take place via zoom.

    ‘I am delighted to return to this way of working, it is one I have found so helpful with people feeding off each other’s ideas and experiences. As well as people getting lots of ideas to help resolve questions and concerns they bring. It is also so helpful sometimes to hear that others are facing the same issues as you and that there aren’t any “perfect answers” – that actually you are already doing pretty well!’

    – Colin Heyman

    The more there are round the table, the more fruitful and enlightening it can be, so do come and join us.

    This best practice group will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is new to the network, or has not attended a best practice group before.

    Why come to the best practice group?

    • Great to find out what others are doing
    • Good honest and open discussions
    • Sharing best practice and ideas with others in similar roles
    • Acts as a sense-check about what people are doing or thinking of doing.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Cancellations and substitutions

    Cancellations must be made in writing, and will be acknowledged by HQN Limited. Delegates may be substituted at any time.

Dates and prices