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Sustainability celebrated: Eco films take home awards

The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards recognise films made by companies and institutions that most powerfully portray solutions for sustainability – and HQN was in attendance as this year’s winners were announced.

Presented by LBC’s Lisa Aziz and held at the May Fair Hotel in London, the evening saw awards dished out across a range of categories, with the audience treated to clips from every shortlisted film.

Featuring categories on everything from finding solutions to the problem of plastic, to AI and digital innovation, the entries, all of which showcased top production values, highlighted some of the incredible work being done across the world to mitigate climate change and boost sustainability.

The awards are sponsored by Fastflow Group, whose CEO, Neil Armstrong, told the audience some grim facts: the UK burned over 10 million tonnes of rubbish in 2018 – shockingly, 6% more than was incinerated in 2017; a dead whale that recently washed up in the Philippines was found to have 88lbs of plastic in its stomach; health authorities have warned that air pollution poses as a grave a threat as obesity.

However, he added that there are reasons to optimistic, citing a recent discovery that adding a type of seaweed to the diet of cattle reduces their methane production by 98%.

Neil said: “Talking is great but now is the time for real action. We need to support parties that put climate change at the top of the agenda.

“We can change attitudes. We used to smoke in pubs. We didn’t used to wear seatbelts. We changed the way we built fridges, we started using roll-on deodorant. Now the UN says the hole in the ozone layer is closing.

“Us and governments have different agendas. They are focused on short-term economic issues. But there’s no time to wait.”

This year’s winners were:

Companies taking climate action award – Silverback/WEF/WWF: How underwater farming could revolutionise food production

Infrastructures for the future award – Silverback/WEF/WWF: How turning cities into giant sponges can help tackle floods

Beyond plastic award – Halo Coffee Co.: The world’s best coffees in a way that’s best for the world

Sustainable transactions award – Mynt: GCash forest

Transforming society award – Fair Trade USA: Fair Trade Celebrates 20 Years of Impact

AI and digital innovation award – CineTecture: A Low Carbon Future for China’s Furnace Cities

You can watch all the winning and shortlisted films here.

HQN CEO Alistair McIntosh, who attended the event, said “I’ve been lucky enough to go these awards for a few years now. In that time the issue of climate change has soared up the agenda. It will be at the heart of all the manifestos coming at you this week.

"Some of the films tonight were made for Netflix. And you can see that in the quality of the cinematography. I’ll certainly be watching these at home and you should too. We’ve a lot to do in housing and these films will inspire you.

“It’s time to plant more trees, ditch the plastics and grow vegetables in the sea! (Yes, apparently you can do that.)”