Majority believe government failing on affordable housing

It may be hard to believe but the mass majority of the public don’t think the government is doing enough to fix the housing crisis. Goodness knows where they got that idea from.

According to a study by the National Centre for Social Research (NCSR), a vast 73.3% of people perceive that there is neither enough affordable housing in their local area nor in the country at large.

Conducted on behalf of the National Housing Federation (NHF), the NCSR’s British Social Attitudes survey also reveals that  66.1% of the public believe it’ll be harder for young people to find somewhere affordable to live in five years’ time.

Kate Henderson, NHF CEO, said: ‘It’s no surprise so many people are disillusioned given there is a whole generation of young people who can’t afford to buy or stay living near their family and who can’t access social housing.

‘Instead, hundreds of thousands of people are stuck paying extortionate rents on insecure contracts. Others can’t start families, and in the worst-case scenarios people have been pushed in to homelessness.’

And the CEO added that the 43,000 affordable homes built in England last year were ‘staggeringly’ long way from the 145,000 needed annually.

She said: ‘If the government want to make a difference they need to invest serious amounts of money over the long-term in social housing.This is the only way housing associations can build significantly more homes. This is especially true now given uncertainty from private developers due to Brexit.

‘This research shows this is something the public want too. The time for the government to act is now and the upcoming Spending Review in the Autumn is a timely opportunity.’