Drop in new build housing starts

As if it’s not enough that it’s Friday and the sun’s shining, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published the latest new build housing figures.

According to the MHCLG there were 36,630 new build dwelling starts in England in the latest quarter (January to March 2019), a 9% decrease compared to the previous three months and a 9% decrease on a year earlier.

Completions, meanwhile, were ‘estimated’ at 42,870, a 1% decrease from the previous quarter and 14% higher than a year ago.

And what about annual new build dwelling starts? Well, they totalled 162,270 in the year to March 2019, a 1% increase compared with the year to March 2018.

During this very same period completions totalled 169,770, an increase of 6% compared with last year.

And how do things compare in the private and housing association fields? Well, private enterprise new build dwelling starts in the March quarter 2019 were down 7% on the previous quarter, while completions were unchanged.

Starts by housing associations were 8% lower compared to the last quarter, and completions were down 5%.

Enjoy that? Then read the MHCLG’s press release here.