Property and site inspection for non-technical staff

Non-technical staff are increasingly being asked to undertake inspections of void and tenanted properties. This course will provide guidance on how to do them effectively, with a focus on the customer perspective.

Property and site inspection for non-technical staff

Delegates will also learn how to conduct estate/area walkabout inspections in a knowledgeable and effective manner, with an emphasis on issues such as protecting the housing stock, identifying areas for future investment, health and safety, and compliance with legislative requirements.

What the course covers:

The morning session covers void management and is designed to help non-technical staff better understand and carry out pre- and post-inspections of both void and tenanted properties.

The afternoon session uses a wide range of learning techniques to help non-technical staff understand how to correctly identify and diagnose issues and potential problems when carrying out estate/area inspections.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Prepare for a property inspection
  • Identify health and safety risks/issues
  • Effectively document ?ndings using standardised forms
  • Diagnose defects, problems and potential problems
  • Work with service users to drive up void standards
  • Develop and apply re-let standards
  • Monitor effectively
  • Tackle an estate/area walk-about inspection
  • Recognise minor and potentially serious problems

Who should attend?

All non-technical staff who have a responsibility to manage and inspect estates, areas and properties, and everyone who wishes to improve their understanding of void and estate management.

Nancy Witham

Repairs and maintenance Nancy Witham

Nancy Witham has more than 30 years experience within the Social Housing Sector. She delivers innovative, engaging interactive training to operational staff in Repairs & Maintenance, Neighbourhood, Customer Service and Business IT systems. Nancy’s style of training makes learning enjoyable and relevant and her training programmes receive consistently excellent feedback.