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The Housing Finance Network is an essential resource for finance directors and managers and non-finance people with responsibility for budgets, financial planning, IT and business management, membership delivers the service you need to succeed.

What do members get?

  • A monthly newsletter with the latest policy announcements, inflation updates, legislative changes, and all the need-to-know information
  • Concise and up-to-date briefings on financial-related issues
  • A dedicated online resource for finance best practice, guidance and expert opinion
  • Technical financial models, toolkits, how-to guides and commentary on guidance to help with business planning and financial management ‘bite-sized’ finance workshops for staff or member organisations pitched at different levels on a range of subjects
  • Access to peer support through the ‘ask the members’ service
  • Specialist support via our ‘ask the expert’ service
  • Advertise your job vacancies free of charge
  • Generous discounts on events and public training, plus consultancy and accreditation products.

What topics are covered?

  • Business planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Value for money
  • Strategic financial decision-making
  • Funding and financing options
  • Service charges
  • Welfare benefit reform changes
  • Reviewing investment and development options
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Capital funding
  • Budgeting and finance strategy
  • Self-financing and borrowing
  • Business planning
  • Corporate management matters and IT systems
  • Access to HQN’s Rent Compliance Hub.

What do members say?

“I find the information and briefings provided by the Housing Finance Network to be extremely helpful. Their global accounts model saves me a lot of time and their briefings highlight what has changed to help me focus on these areas.”

Interested in joining? Please email [email protected] for more information and a quote.

Housing Finance Network

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