HQN and MRI Software are running virtual consultations to gather the views of social housing residents ahead of the launch of the third Resident Voice Index™ survey. Over 8,000 resident responses have already been gathered across two surveys, with actionable insights delivered to help shape and improve service provisions.

If you have joined our sessions before, you will know this project aims to amplify the voice of the resident and deliver it directly to housing providers to help them improve services and add greater value to the communities you live in.

Gauging how social housing residents are feeling right now about the rising cost of living and how it could be impacting health and wellbeing will be valuable information for housing providers. Our next survey theme aims to explore this and based on survey feedback, we can work with data that will signpost areas of improvement and ultimately instigate change to make a difference.

Why do we need you involved?

To maximise the value of this research, MRI needs the input of engaged residents to ensure that the right themes are being chosen in the and the right questions are being asked, so voices of residents are being communicated to housing providers in the right way.

Themes for discussion at these consultations will include:

  • The contribution of social housing to health and wellbeing
  • The contribution housing providers make to their communities
  • The effectiveness of existing resident engagement
  • Cost of living challenges in the current climate and the outlook
  • What can be done to better support residents in challenging times.

Participation in these consultations will be limited to those living in social housing and housing providers will not be in attendance.

We are very much looking forward to working with you on this exciting project.

If you would like to be kept updated and notified of any upcoming surveys and their results, get in touch at info.[email protected].