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Managing people can be challenging and – when you get it right – really rewarding for everyone. Every manager needs to develop their own style and approach – that’s right for them. It requires many different skills and attributes.

That’s why we have teamed up with Quarterdeck, leadership and management training specialists, to bring you a series of interactive training sessions.

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    Run as a virtual classroom over 4 dates, with access to individual coaching sessions in between, it will give delegates the skills and confidence to deliver exceptional people management.

    Focusing on key areas the training is split into 4 sections to build delegates’ appreciation and understanding of managing people.

    Session 1 – Self-awareness | Tuesday May 10th – 1.30 – 5pm

    You can’t manage anyone successfully without self awareness.

    • 5 aspects of self awareness
    • Self awareness
    • Self-regulation
    • Motivation
    • Empathy
    • Social Skill.

    This session focuses on:

    • the small changes managers can make that will make a huge difference to their team’s cohesion and performance
    • The things that managers can do every day that takes no extra time but reaps great rewards.

    It recognises the importance of “seeking first to understand before being understood”.


    Session 2 – Persuasive communication | Tuesday May 24th – 1.30 – 5pm

    Getting people to do what you want, or need them to do, is the purpose of management.

    Most managers lack the skills to be able to do this yet wonder why their team doesn’t do what they want them to. They are unaware the power lies within them. All they need to do is change the way they communicate. But it’s hard to do.

    Beginning with the end in mind, this session will focus on how to communicate in ways that get people on board, that persuade people to do what needs to be done without negative reactions.

    It also includes the necessary skill of ‘leading up’ – being able to influence your line manager for the good of the organisation.


    Session 3 – Influencing others’ attitudes, planning & prioritisation | Thursday June 9th – 9.30 – 1pm

    Most people go through life without knowing they can choose ‘their attitude’ about each aspect of their day. Being able to choose ‘your attitude’ rather than letting the world programme it for you is a vital management skill.

    Being able to influence others’ attitudes is the next step to being able to achieve what needs to be achieved with a team that supports you and each other and operates effectively.

    This session will focus on the vital skill of attitude control, especially under times of stress and pressure. By the end of the session you will be able to maintain calm, and focus the team on forward momentum in times of crisis rather than adding to the anxiety.

    In addition, this session will focus on the importance of continued forward momentum in terms of planning and prioritisation.


    Session 4 – Building trust & bringing it all together | Thursday June 23rd – 9.30 – 1pm

    Most managers get promoted and focus mainly on the tasks they have to accomplish when what they should be focusing on is ‘their team’. If you can build trust within the team, between you and them, and between them and each other, then you will make work a lot easier for everyone.

    Building trust takes time, but not as much as people think.

    This session will focus on how to build trust quickly, how to maintain trust, and how to rescue trust if it’s been negatively affected.

    During each of the session we will also focus on how to bring all these skills together to be a really inspirational manager by putting all the different techniques into practice.

    As part of this course you will also receive a 20 minute coaching session.

  • Our trainer

    Laura Bouttell is passionate about inspiring people, whether it’s to deal with that challenging customer differently, to go out for that first run or to take that creative writing course. Her mission in life is to empower people to become their best.

    Laura is an ex-police officer, who has three degrees. She is a published academic author and editor.

    As a result of her time policing in Chapeltown, her own business and her time at Oxford, Laura has seen the gritty side of life as well as the ivory towers and uses her experiences in these diverse fields to help you achieve your dreams.

    Now Laura works with all levels of Leaders in Business to help them get the best out of themselves and those around them. She has worked with Leaders from the Co-op, Team Leaders from Asda, as well as many SMEs and owner-managed businesses that have gone from strength to strength.

    Gavin Hutchinson is a veteran trainer with 22 years of experience planning, implementing and delivering training for HM Prison Service, Police Forces and Local Authorities. He is passionate and highly effective with outstanding success in delivering training over a variety of disciplines and fields.

    He has a deep knowledge of behavioural change, motivational training and development across public and private sectors and thoroughly enjoys seeing the effect of his training on the participants. Gavin uses humour to allow participants to absorb the learning and his sessions are great fun.

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