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Transitional Protection is an extra amount which tops up a Universal Credit. This matters, because for some groups of people, Universal Credit is less generous than the benefits it replaces.

Transitional Protection probably makes you think of ‘protection’. The key word, however, is ‘transitional’; it just means the claimant sees a gradual reduction in their benefits compared to what they had had under the old system.

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    With Managed Migration being rolled out to all areas by end March 2024 it is important to understand more details about Transitional Protection to ensure tenants don’t lose out. We also look at the Transitional Protection in place for Tax Credit only claimants currently being migrated.

    You will learn:

    • The Transitional Element
    • What is it
    • Who can get it
    • How much
    • How long it lasts
    • When will it end
    • Impacts of a change in circumstance
    • Who is worse off.
  • Our trainer

    Alison Markantonis is an experienced welfare benefits, financial capability and employment skills practitioner, who has worked successfully in the affordable housing and benefits sector for the last 27 years. She has worked with many housing and support organisations and brings her extensive experience to specialise in demystifying the benefits system, money management and employability skills training for both frontline staff and tenants. Her approach is participative and interactive, using case studies and her own experience to take the complex, and make it not only simple, but also applicable.

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