This workshop examines the potential of the White Paper to drive improvements in EDI.

At first sight the Social Housing White Paper seems to have little to say about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

The words ‘equality’ ‘inequality’ and ‘equity’ are not mentioned at all. There is only one mention of social inclusion, two of diversity, one reference to diversity of thought, background and experience, and one to increasing the diversity of Board Members.

But on closer reading parts of the document do address issues that relate to EDI, and others to which EDI is central.

The White Paper does have the potential for driving greater inclusion, especially in tenant engagement, in understanding the experience of diverse customers, in widening the diversity of boards.  And calls for action to tackle issues which fall under the diversity banner such as mental health and well being, ASB, domestic abuse as well as systemic inequality.

This workshop will explore these aspects in detail to see how they can be used to drive improvements in EDI practice.

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    Colin Heyman and Marilyn Bryan-Jones, EDI specialists will facilitate the workshop sharing their experiences and learning.

    Colin is the lead for HQN’s EDI network. He’ll give an overview of the white paper and how its proposals may be used to improve EDI practice in social housing providers.

    Marilyn, diversity and inclusion facilitator and consultant, will focus on engagement methods with tenant and will explore how organisations can improve their effectiveness in light of the white paper and Coronavirus.

    (We hope to carry out a World Café activity during the morning – but it may just be a speaker on world café events)

    Essential for:

    • EDI leads, policy and strategy teams and anyone wanting to assess the impact of the White Paper on EDI practice in their organisatrion and consider how it can used as a lever for improved EDI practice.
    • Directors, community engagement teams, everyone working with tenants/residents in any capacity.
    • Everyone wanting to learn about ways of involving a greater diversity of tenants in consultations, on committees, and in the general work of the organisation.

    You will go away with:

    • A better understanding of the white paper and how it can be used to increase equality, diversity and inclusion
    • Ideas about how to involve a greater diversity of tenants in consultations, on committees, and in the general work of the organisation
    • Practical tips for achieving greater inclusion and diversity in tenant organsiations.
  • Our speakers

    Colin Heyman

    Lead Consultant of the HQN Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network, Colin has worked as a trainer, consultant and coach in equality and diversity for over 20 years, working with small companies, large public sector organisations and third sector organisations, including housing associations. Some of Colin’s specialisms include work on white privilege and allyship, and supporting a network of diversity champions to be change agents that bring about transformation within their organisations. Through his work, he aims to bring about improved practice in EDI, help people to realise that it permeates most of what we do, get the issues discussed and enable people not to feel like they are treading on eggshells when it comes to EDI. Outside work, Colin loves hillwalking and cinema, and is active in his synagogue.

    Marilyn Bryan-Jones

    Marilyn is a trainer & consultant who enjoys working in the field of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion. She is passionate and enthusiastic about trying to improve equality and diversity and reaching out to the community to improve inclusion. Communities have really felt the impact of Covid-19 and in particular the BAME community. The situation has put a spotlight on disadvantage and inequality. Housing has always been a contentious issue and it has deteriorated under the current global pandemic. Her background includes working in housing at both operational and strategic level. Marilyn’s work has including setting up a mental health organisation, mentoring and coaching and many more roles. She is currently the Chair of Caribbean Heritage Cymru and the President of Voice of Wales Toastmasters International Group. Housing has always had a reputation of taking action and this is why she is still involved.

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