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In these economically challenging times we’re all looking at ways of reducing costs without sacrificing quality. Achieving value for money is a key priority and repairs and maintenance is a high cost area for all organisations. Incremental improvements can save significant amounts of money.

Customers often complain about abortive and unsuccessful repairs visits and multiple visits to fix simple repairs. Organisations waste money and resources with high pre-inspection levels. Meanwhile, contractors complain that repairs ordering staff often lack basic building knowledge.

Accurate repairs ordering can save costs; reduce levels of pre-inspections, recalls and abortive visits, and claims from contractors; improve rates for first-time fix, right first time, customer satisfaction and contractor performance; and result in less disputes with your customers, clients and contractors.

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    What the course covers:

    • An outline of the key building elements and components
    • Guidance on accurately defining repairs
    • Repairs ordering and priorities
    • Dampness and condensation – what’s the difference?
    • Inspections – how to do them
    • Use of schedules of rates as part of repairs ordering
    • Diagnostic systems
    • Techniques for obtaining accurate information from customers
    • Practical exercises in repairs identification and ordering
    • Complaint reduction and improvements in customer satisfaction.

    Who should attend?

    • Call centre and all repairs ordering staff
    • Housing officers
    • Estate officers
    • Neighbourhood officers
    • Tenancy officers
    • Schedulers and planners
    • Those responsible for communal areas and schemes
    • Staff who carry out estate inspections and walkabouts
    • Team members who manage sheltered housing
    • Staff who are involved in the maintenance of communal areas
    • All neighbourhood services teams
    • Those responsible for the management of Anti-social behaviour.
  • Our trainer

    Kevin Bentley is an expert on procurement and contract management. Kevin will share his wealth of practical experience of the process as well as ways of improving performance and productivity, driving down costs and raising satisfaction. He will approach the subject from a practical operational perspective, and will also cover procurement, value for money and the role of residents.

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