This workshop explains how to develop and implement a fair and equitable rechargeable repairs policy, examining prevention measures, charging and collection strategies. It will provide practical tips and case studies to help you get your approach to rechargeable repairs right. 

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    What will be covered:

    There is a misconception amongst social housing providers that rechargeable repairs debts aren’t worth chasing. As a result, many housing providers are failing to hold tenants to account. But they are an important part of the landlord tenant relationship. Responsibilities and obligations should be clearly set out in the tenancy agreement or the lease and enforced. Failure to do so and to establish a payment culture amongst customers can damage an organisation’s reputation, lead to rising debt levels, and potentially create re-housing problems for former tenants in the future.

    This workshop takes a step-by-step look at rechargeable repairs. It will provide you with the tools and understanding you need to set up / improve your own rechargeable repairs processes. And you’ll get to hear about the latest examples of best practice.

    HQN associate, Mark Henderson will lead this workshop using his considerable experience of the housing sector to provide practical advice on how to recover your rechargeable costs in an open and transparent way, fairly and equitably.

    We’ll cover:

    • An examination of preventative measures
    • What is considered appropriate within tenancy agreements
    • Tenant collaboration and understanding
    • Corporate and collective responsibility and accountability
    • Role of frontline offices / technical officers
    • What are rechargeable / chargeable items
    • Void dilapidations
    • How to determine costs
    • Administration fees
    • Invoicing and charging
    • Use of incentives and discounts
    • Sanctions and deterrents
    • Vulnerability of tenants
    • Managing expectations
    • Performance measures.

    Essential for:

    • Income managers
    • Income collection officers
    • Repairs officers
    • Housing managers
    • Estate managers
    • Customer services officers
    • Technical officers.

    You will go away with:

    • An understanding of the essential components of an effective recharge repairs strategy
    • Appropriate use of discounts and full and final settlement
    • Realisation of the advantages and pitfalls of actively pursuing recharges
    • Appreciation of the need for corporate and collective responsibility
    • An understanding of roles and responsibilities within your organisation
    • Examples of best practice
    • An awareness of what you need to do back in the workplace to improve.
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