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Who is responsible for managing and motivating employees?

How can we drive, engage and stimulate people to produce their best work, to grow, to develop, to reach their potential – and to be happy whilst doing it?!

Particularly when many of us continue to work remotely.

This workshop explores how a manager can be the enabler – how they can create a culture and set of conditions that allow people to flourish and feel good about what they do.

And it demonstrates the importance of “balanced responsibility” – how your team members need to meet you at least halfway.

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    You will learn:

    • The steps to creating a high performing team who self-motivate
    • How to ignite interest in work through the four fundamental motivators
    • How to manage an unmotivated team member
    • Techniques for managing and motivating a remote team
    • How to involve the team in creating the team’s reputation.

    What the course will cover:

    • Exploring the challenges of finding out ‘what makes them tick’
    • Defining the underlying principles for high performing teams
    • Motivational theories distilled into four practical approaches
    • Embracing and valuing different working styles
    • Motivating the unmotivated
    • Managing and motivating remotely
    • Establishing your team’s reputation.

    Who should attend:

    Team leaders, supervisors and managers who have line management responsibility for one or more team members.

  • Our trainer

    Sue Waterall is a member of the Chartered Management Institute and an accredited StrengthsScope Practitioner, with a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice. She is a skilled trainer and facilitator, with significant experience in the social housing sector. Passionate about personal and team development, Sue uses her energy to create a positive, stimulating learning environment where everyone is included and best practice is shared.

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