Join us for our mental health month, four bitesize sessions on, making time for you, work life balance, wellbeing of tenants, customers and staff.  

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    Workshop one: Mental health MOT – Making time for, and the importance of you – Monday 9 May – 14:00pm – 15:30pm

    This interactive session will give you exactly that. Time. Time to focus on the most important thing in your life – you. Don’t for one second think this is selfish. This is a concept so many people struggle with – that and guilt. Thinking about yourself, what you want, and what you need, is why you’re here. Why I’m here. Together we’ll scratch the surface of the most important things:

    • Your personal and private side
    • Money, because it’s important
    • Your social side
    • Dependencies and addiction
    • You, just you.

    Workshop two: Work life balance, training development and time – Monday 16 May – 14:00pm – 15:30pm

    How do you divide your time and focus between working and family and/or leisure activities? You’d be surprised how many people never think about this, ironically, because they’re too busy. But simply, if you don’t have any balance, one or both aspects of your life will suffer. They won’t be going how you want them to. And it’s likely, you won’t be happy. Training and development are relevant to both home and work life. And everything is over-arched, and dictated, by time, and of course money. Which is why training and development is becoming harder to justify and secure. But even more important.

    Workshop three: Mental health and wellbeing (Tenants and customers) – Tuesday 24 May – 10:30am – 12pm

    There is a large body of research that connects the effects of poor mental health to housing related risks and problems. When a tenant has poor mental health, this can impact on their ability to maintain their property, pay bills, allow access to the property, engage in support, get on with neighbours and maintain a problem free tenancy.  In fact, many tenants’ mental health problems could be interpreted as a disability under the Equalities act 2010 and therefore the landlord has a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to meet those needs.

    Workshop four: The mental health and wellbeing of staff – effective stress management – Tuesday 31 May – 10:30am – 12pm

    Negative stress can impact on any of us. Mental health and wellbeing of staff should always be an important consideration for employers and employees alike.  However, its more essential than ever in 2022 – having gone through a pandemic, having had to deal with some of the most challenging times ever faced in housing and care.

    If staff members are struggling with stress, this will not only have a negative effect on them and their ability to work with tenants but can also impact on their team and the wider organisation. Simply put companies that look after their staff members’ mental health are also protecting their business.

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