On success of our first engaging the unengaged session, this session will set the scene for the year ahead in 2022 on best practice methods of resident engagement, to ensure a multi spectrum approach is adopted and no one falls through the gaps in communication.

In 2021 housing providers were forced to rethink how we can best engage and how we, as housing professionals can be more adaptable to meet the needs and expectations of residents both in the way we communicate and what we use to communicate. In 2022, what does this mean? How far have we come and what more can we do to develop tenant and landlord relationships?

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    A rapid increase in the use of technology has meant more service users have become comfortable in using the technology, but will the momentum continue as we return to the new normal?

    HQN is teaming up with Gridizen to look at different ways in which organisations have overcome barriers to effective engagement, what we’ll need to adjust to in the new normal and what needs to be in place to ensure that people don’t fall through the gaps in the future

    What will be covered:

    This virtual partner workshop will explore:

    • Innovative methods of communication organisations have been using to communicate with residents over the pandemic
    • How the pandemic has changed wider attitudes to communications and technology including the lessons learnt
    • How can we continue to operate in the new normal with a multi strategy approach? What barriers do we need to be aware of in the future?

    Why should you attend?

    Over the past few years, resident engagement has become more crucial than ever with people taking a much greater interest in the operations of their landlords. Moving forward, organisations will need to avoid the pitfalls of the past and provide an opportunity to hear every voice.

    What will you take away from the event?

    Delegates will leave the sessions with an increased understanding of the barriers to engagement, and the tools and strategies needed to overcome them.

  • Our speakers

    Barry Malki is one of the UK’s leading experts in community investment and social impact and has undertaken a wide range of strategic consultancy for public, private and charitable organisations for many years. As well as having worked directly on several high-profile regeneration and investment programmes, Barry is engaged as an adviser and associate for a number of organisations, including a non-executive position of Mears Group’s Social and Diversity Impact Board. He is currently on the panel for a White Paper review of the Social Value Act due to his expertise in this area. He is a highly effective communicator, and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars about aspects of his work.

    Kamran Mahmood, CEO of Gridizen software started his career in investment banking in 1990, before founding his own residential and serviced apartments management businesses in 1999. Working in both the hospitality and property sectors, Kamran noticed a significant difference in how customers were prioritized. He founded Gridizen in 2017 to create a cutting-edge property management platform which places resident communications at the heart of its platform. Gridizen is the first technology solution to support ESG reporting in housing for seamless data collection and reporting.

    Find out more about Gridizen by visiting www.gridizen.co.uk or email them at [email protected]

  • Cancellations and substitutions

    Cancellations must be made in writing, and will be acknowledged by HQN Limited. Delegates may be substituted at any time.