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Suitable for:       All What does this mean?

Individuals can develop knowledge and understanding about fire safety by taking this Fire Safety Awareness course. The course will present an understanding of fire regulations and general fire precautions, and is appropriate for anyone working in housing.

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    It aims to provide you with the below knowledge:

    • The cost to businesses and individuals
    • Causes of workplace fires
    • Duties and responsibilities of employees in relation to fire safety at work
    • Duties and responsibilities of others in the event an emergency eg, fire marshals, fire service etc
    • The actions to be taken in the event of a fire
    • Methods of raising the alarm
    • How to contact the emergency services
    • The role and duties of the responsible person
    • Define the term competent person
    • The types of enforcement authorities
    • The powers of enforcement authorities
    • Common human behaviours in the event of fire
    • Methods which cause heat to be transmitted during a fire (direct contact, conduction, convection, radiation, flashover and backdraught).

    Who should attend?

    • All staff new to housing
    • Existing non-technical staff that need a refresher such as customer services, Housing officers, Property Services.
  • Our trainer

    Larry Ryder is a Chartered Member of IOSH and has over 15 years working with the social housing sector.

    An experienced trainer with a wide range of safety related subjects, including designing and developing bespoke content for companies.

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