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This highly interactive one-day course is designed for staff to further develop their skills and improve their knowledge to be able to identify, explain and provide solutions when dealing with the different types of damp, condensation and black mould within properties.

If the problem is left untreated, or dealt with in the wrong way, it can be very costly to put right, and further escalation is likely to occur for the household in the form of rot and infestation.

Spotting the signs early and dealing with them effectively is vital to combatting the problem successfully and avoiding litigation. Let’s deal with it in the right way, first time.

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    What participants will learn:

    • The reasons why a property can become damp
    • How penetrating damp occurs and what to do to put it right
    • The symptoms and causes of rising damp
    • The likely causes of condensation, its symptoms, and remedies
    • How to talk confidently to residents about effective steps to reduce and avoid condensation
    • What is meant by interstitial condensation
    • Gain an understanding of the term ‘cold bridging’
    • What the landlords obligations are and the consequences that can occur
    • Damp, humidity and cold surfaces detection devices
    • The different types of rot and infestations that can be caused by damp in the home
    • Practical steps the landlord can take to avoid litigation.

    What the course will cover:

    • Penetrating damp
    • Rising damp
    • Condensation
    • Cold bridging
    • Interstitial condensation
    • Black mould
    • Rot.

    Who should attend:

    • Contact centre staff
    • Housing management staff
    • Caretakers and handymen
    • Staff who undertake estate visits
    • Supported housing staff
    • Surveyors
    • Property Services staff
    • Customer inspectors
    • Anyone who wishes to further increase their knowledge of damp, mould and condensation.
  • Our trainer

    Nancy Witham has more than 30 years experience within the Social Housing Sector. She delivers innovative, engaging interactive training to operational staff in Repairs & Maintenance, Neighbourhood, Customer Service and Business IT systems. Nancy’s style of training makes learning enjoyable and relevant and her training programmes receive consistently excellent feedback.

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