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Not all risks can be engineered out of the work environment.  Even with all the procedures and systems in place, individuals at work still take short cuts and make mistakes.

This course, delivered and designed by Larry Ryder, will provide you with an understanding of how behavioural and culture change can influence both workers’ and managers’ behaviour.

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    This course will cover:

    • Why people take risks at work
    • The consequences of risk taking for individuals and the organisation
    • How to prepare an organisation for a health and safety cultural improvement programme
    • Assessing safety culture and safety climate
    • Strategies for influencing senior management
    • Factors that influence behaviour
    • Human failure — errors and violations
    • Strategies to identify the root cause of behaviours
    • Evidence based strategies to encourage safer and healthier behaviour, eg,
      • How to develop persuasive risk communication
      • Worker engagement
      • Leadership development
      • How to impart knowledge
      • Changing habits
      • Mitigating perceptual biases
      • Changing beliefs, values and attitudes
      • Making best use of nudges
      • Developing interpersonal skills
      • Developing situational awareness
      • Evaluating your programme and maintaining change.

    Who should attend?

    Health and safety managers with limited knowledge or looking for a refresher on behaviour and culture change.


    All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

  • Our trainer

    Larry Ryder is a Chartered Member of IOSH and has over 15 years working with the social housing sector.

    An experienced trainer with a wide range of safety related subjects, including designing and developing bespoke content for companies.

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