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The tide is turning and finally, residents must be at the heart of all decision making to ensure that the services landlords provide are fit-for-purpose and responsive to needs and requirements of all residents. There are also clear expectations that residents deserve to be listened to and treated in a respectful and honest way.

To reinforce this there will be a new approach to how social housing will be regulated from April 2024 which aims to improve the quality of the relationship between residents and their landlords. Residents must be able to access the information they need and landlords will need to listen to residents’ needs and concerns and take appropriate action to improve how services are delivered.

The regulator will want to know the answers to following questions and expect your landlord to able to evidence the following:

  • Do they currently provide you “a wide range of meaningful opportunities” to get involved with matters relating to your homes?
  • Do they consider your views when making decisions about the design and delivery of your services?
  • Do they give you opportunities to scrutinize their strategies, policies and services across the whole range of your housing management services?
  • Do they understand the diverse needs of residents and have a plan to support them to engage with involvement activities?
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    This course is aimed specifically at tenants and residents. It will support them to understand the new regulatory expectations and ensure that they have the right information to be able to hold their landlords to account. It will also look at the professional attitudes and behaviours that tenants and residents should expect from housing staff.  It will be interactive with lots of opportunities for delegates to share their views, ideas and experiences with each other.

    We will cover:

    • The drivers for change – why residents must be at the heart of decision-making
    • The resident’s role in the new regulatory framework for housing
    • The new standards for regulation – focusing specifically on the Transparency, influence and accountability and Information standards
    • The Tenant Satisfaction Measures – lessons to date
    • What professional attitudes and behaviours residents should expect
    • Resident engagement in practice
      • Understanding the impact of resident involvement
      • Assessing the benefits of involvement.

    What will delegates take away?

    Delegates will be able to:

    • Understand the current landscape for resident engagement
    • Be clear on the new regulatory expectations for residents from April 2024
    • Understand the new measures to assess landlord performance
    • Understand how to break down the barriers to effective engagement
    • Recognise the benefits of effective engagement
    • Understand the impact of your engagement activities
    • Have the building blocks to work with landlords to develop a positive culture that encourages trust, respect and transparency
    • Have the tools to hold their landlords to account.

    Who should attend?

    This session is relevant all tenants and residents – whatever their current level of involvement. It is also relevant to resident engagement staff however, we have developed a bespoke course specifically aimed at housing staff. Click here for more information.

  • Our trainer

    Debbie Larner has worked in the social housing sector for over 30 years within both local authorities and housing associations before moving on to join the professional body – the CIH – where she was Head of Practice with a key focus on translating government policy into practice. In that role she developed expertise in a number of areas including housing and asset management, resident engagement, equality diversity and inclusion, health and safety (specifically building safety post Grenfell). She has also co-led research into the future of social housing, stigma and stereotyping in housing and the role of the housing professional. Debbie is recognised as a leader in developing and embedding professional standards with sector bodies and individual organisations and developed the CIH professional standards for housing and, as part of this work has a strong interest in how organisations can develop strong values-led cultures, create inclusive behaviours and act as ambassadors for the profession. Debbie is an experienced public speaker, chair, and trainer.

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