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  1. Access and abandonment

  2. Amazing workplaces

  3. Annual reports: Getting to grips with annual reports

  4. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and how to tackle it – a masterclass

  5. Assertiveness – the art of communicating what you want

  6. Asset management masterclass

  7. Behaviour - understand the impact of yours and others - 'Insightful you'

  8. British Sign Language - an introduction for housing staff

  9. Calmness = Effectiveness: 5 steps to a stress-free effective work style – half-day course

  10. Coaching - the manager as coach

  11. Coaching: HQN coaching package

  12. Coaching: HQN individual coaching

  13. Collecting with care 2020 – Mental health, housing income and rent arrears – Half-day course

  14. Commercial skills – Developing a commercial perspective – an introduction to commercial skills and market environments

  15. Communal area and block inspections – what you need to know

  16. Communicating with older people

  17. Communication skills masterclass

  18. Complaints - High quality written responses to complaints - values into action

  19. Complaints: A practical, interactive workshop on effective complaints management – half-day course

  20. Complaints: Effective complaint handling

  21. Conflict, confrontation and challenging behaviour – managing it

  22. Conversations: Having difficult conversations – handle them well, be more effective – half-day course

  23. Coronavirus and benefits

  24. Covid-19: Road to recovery workshop

  25. Customer journey mapping – An introduction – half-day course

  26. Customer service is where it starts – The New Deal for Social Housing

  27. Customer service – making a difference

  28. Customer service – making the most of your telephone and digital interactions

  29. Damp: Condensation, damp and mould – causes, cures and the courts

  30. Damp: Introduction to damp diagnostic tools and equipment – how to make best use of them

  31. Deafness - an understanding for housing staff

  32. Decision making and problem solving – half-day course

  33. Dementia awareness

  34. Development basics for Boards and Committees

  35. Development – Navigating the development maze

  36. Digital transformation keys to success

  37. Disability matters

  38. Disciplinary and grievance appeals for boards/executives

  39. Domestic abuse awareness – looking behind closed doors

  40. Drug and alcohol awareness

  41. Electrical safety workshop – electrical safety in social housing (England)

  42. Emotional intelligence - developing it

  43. Equality and diversity: Professional boundaries

  44. Equality and diversity: Safeguarding adults at risk

  45. Feedback – the single most important skill in self development – half-day course

  46. Finance – The essentials of housing association finance – for non-finance experts and those new to the sector

  47. Fire safety awareness course – for everyone working in social housing

  48. Fire safety for managers working in social housing – 1 day course

  49. Fire safety: IFSM-accredited Fire Risk Assessment for general needs, sheltered and extra care accommodation (three-day course)

  50. Fire: Person-centred fire risk assessment

  51. Focus: How to stay focused, remain connected and keep up productivity – half-day course

  52. Gambling awareness – everything you need to know about this growing problem

  53. GDPR – two years on

  54. Governance in the virtual world – half-day course

  55. Habits: Building habits – how to break them down and rebuild them – half-day course

  56. Hate crime – kick it into touch

  57. HHSRS - implications for social landlords

  58. Hoarding advanced - working with hoarders

  59. Hoarding: Working effectively with hoarders

  60. Homelessness – Tackling homelessness reduction – the impact of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

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