Universal Credit – focus on housing costs

The calculation of entitlement to assistance with rent payments is similar to the current Housing Benefit system. However, there are some significant differences which will pose challenges for tenants and landlords. In some cases this could result in a tenant receiving no financial assistance with legitimate housing costs. 

Universal Credit – focus on housing costs

Universal Credit – focus on housing costs This practical course takes a detailed look at the Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit to provide you with a full understanding of the differences in order to mitigate the worst impacts. 

Course covers: 

  • Differences between Housing benefit and Universal Credit Housing Costs 
  • Types of accommodation that will continue to be assessed under Housing Benefit 
  • The new Housing Benefit ‘Run-on’ 
  • How assessment and payment cycles will change 
  • The Benefit Cap under Universal Credit 
  • What happens when there’s delayed occupation and benefit on two homes 
  • Securing managed payments (APAs) for rent, and third party deductions 
  • The effect when couples split up, two households combine or when family members die 
  • When to expect Universal Credit entitlement to start, the first payment, ‘backdating’ and changes in circumstances 
  • Non-dependents – the new rules 
  • Temporary absence from the home (hospital, residential care, prison, fleeing violence etc) 
  • Housing costs for 18-21year olds 
  • Help for shared owners and mortgage costs under Universal Credit 
  • Overpayments and recovery; who from? at what rate and how? 
  • Discretionary Housing Payments for UC claimants. 

Alison Markantonis

Income management Alison Markantonis

Alison Markantonis is an experienced welfare benefits, financial capability and employment skills practitioner, who has worked successfully in the affordable housing and benefits sector for the last 27 years. She has worked with many housing and support organisations and brings her extensive experience to specialise in demystifying the benefits system, money management and employability skills training for both frontline staff and tenants. Her approach is participative and interactive, using case studies and her own experience to take the complex, and make it not only simple, but also applicable.

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