In-house training A-Z

  1. S: S.20 consultation – how to do it correctly so you can recover the costs of repairs and improvements from leaseholders and tenants
  2. S: S20 consultation - Asset Management and Leaseholders
  3. S: Safeguarding adults at risk
  4. S: Safeguarding children and adults at risk
  5. S: Safeguarding children and child protection
  6. S: Scrutiny: Making scrutiny work – workshop for involved residents and resident involvement staff
  7. S: Sensory issues – understanding them
  8. S: Service charges - Setting service charges and maximising income – a practical workshop
  9. S: Setting new working norms – half-day course
  10. S: Shared ownership
  11. S: Shared ownership – Background to SO, development, sales and management – run over two half-days
  12. S: Social housing - an introduction
  13. S: Social housing law – an introduction
  14. S: Social Housing White Paper: Training for board members and executive teams
  15. S: Social Housing White Paper: Training for engaged residents and staff
  16. S: Social media for Human Resources professionals
  17. S: Social media for organisations
  18. S: Strategic thinking: An introduction
  19. S: Strategy: How to keep your strategy and culture relevant in rapidly changing times – half-day course
  20. S: Strategy: Where strategy meets projects – how to bridge the gap – half-day course
  21. S: Stress is all around us – learn how to manage it effectively
  22. S: Stress management - get to grips - learn to control your emotions and deal with stress
  23. S: Stress: Dealing with customer stress – helping customers with their stress levels during the Covid-19 crisis
  24. S: Sustaining and managing a tenancy: mental health, mental capacity and hoarding