The new Debt Respite Scheme for housing providers – half-day course

Are you prepared for the introduction of the new Debt Respite Scheme that came into effect on 4 May 2021 and what this game changing development means for your arrears collection?

The new Debt Respite Scheme for housing providers – half-day course

This has been introduced to help protect debtors and is about getting people debt advice earlier.

It is not a payment holiday or a ‘free ride’ for tenants. But it will mean that you have to follow instructions from the Insolvency Service around halting collection action for at least 60 days – and it could be much, much longer if a tenant is receiving treatment for mental ill-health.

This course looks at both parts of the scheme:

  • Breathing Space which came into effect on 4 May
  • Statutory Debt Repayment Plan, which is due to come in later this year (tbc).

It covers information about registering with Insolvency Service, your responsibilities and the debtors’ responsibilities, when protection will start and end, how you will be notified, what to think about and opportunities.

We’ll also cover the “knowns and unknowns” about the Statutory Debt Repayment Plans, the introduction of which is likely to change the way debt is enforced forever.

You will learn:

  • What you need to do now
  • Moratorium application process, duration and review
  • Moratorium for people who are undergoing mental health treatment
  • What debts qualify and what debts are excluded (inc joint debts)
  • When you can, and can’t, serve a notice or take legal action,(or even talk to the tenant about their arrears)
  • The effect on existing legal proceedings
  • The effect on APAs and rent/housing costs deductions in UC
  • Your responsibilities
  • Debtors’ responsibilities
  • Engaging with debt advice providers
  • What happens if you don’t comply
  • Challenging Moratoriums
  • Statutory Debt Repayment Plan (SDRP).

Who should attend?

Essential for everyone involved in the recovery of debt, including those who need to answer queries and provide signposting advice.

Alison Markantonis

Income management Alison Markantonis

Alison Markantonis is an experienced welfare benefits, financial capability and employment skills practitioner, who has worked successfully in the affordable housing and benefits sector for the last 27 years. She has worked with many housing and support organisations and brings her extensive experience to specialise in demystifying the benefits system, money management and employability skills training for both frontline staff and tenants. Her approach is participative and interactive, using case studies and her own experience to take the complex, and make it not only simple, but also applicable.