Frequently asked questions - The HQN app

FAQs - app

What is this app thing?

It’s a digital portal to all things HQN events. Location details and directions, programmes, documentation, speakers’ bios, sponsors’ details. Everything you need, basically.

But why? Why have you done this?

Because it’s 2019. Also, you may have noticed that the planet seems to be suffering really very badly presently: the app slashes the amount of paper we use enormously.

Ok, where do I get it?

From the internet! Search for ‘HQN’ in your device’s app store or follow this link

I’m attending an event. Do I need the app?

It’s not absolutely essential but it will make things a lot easier for you. Plus, it’s got loads of amazing features that you really don’t want to miss out on.

I’ve booked my place and have the app. How do I access the event?

We will have sent you a four-digit code with your confirmation email. Simply search for the relevant event, click it and enter the code. Voila!

Can I use the app to network?

Yep! You can view your fellow delegates, connect with them, arrange to meet and so on.

How long does the event information stay on the app?

12 months (AKA a year).