The case for employee wellbeing

Why should you care about employee wellbeing? And if you do, how do you actually do something effective about it without wasting time and money? Let us help you to figure it out!

The case for employee wellbeing

This course will…

Help you understand the business case for investing in employee wellbeing, and how to engage all stakeholders in designing an appropriate wellbeing programme that engages employees and improves their overall health.

It will also give you practical tools and tips for managing your own health and wellbeing from our HR & OD trainer/consultant who is also a personal trainer, whilst focusing on having the right work/life balance.

Delegates will learn to…

  • Make the business case for employee wellbeing
  • Engage stakeholders in programme design
  • Understand the strengths and areas for development in their own health and wellbeing
  • Examine the role of nutrition in creating energy and health in the workplace and for individuals
  • Examine their work/life balance and take steps to further improve it.

Workshop outline

  • The role of employee wellbeing in: employer brand; employee engagement; performance and talent management
  • Understanding the business case for employee wellbeing – case studies
  • Defining the different stakeholders and their needs
  • Building a wellbeing programme – what are your options, and which ones have a track record of success and why?
  • The role of organisational culture in ensuring success
  • Your own health and wellbeing – how well do you understand it? And what can you do about it? Practical tips from a personal trainer
  • The role of nutrition in energy management
  • Work/life balance – is it a myth? How can you get even better at managing it?

Who should attend?

HR, OD, L&D and communications leads and everyone with line management responsibility in your organisation.

The case for employee wellbeing

Gary Cookson

Team leader Gary Cookson

Gary Cookson has held several senior HR roles across various sectors, including 12 years in housing. He has delivered CIPD, ILM and CIH programmes for many years. He speaks regularly at conferences about leadership and HR, and is a social media expert. 

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