Event testimonial quotes

HQN Events

"First full day virtual conference I have attended. Excellent format, including breakout. Allison and the guys managed the day brilliantly."

The Housing Management Network annual conference 2020, Virtual conference, November 2020

"It has been excellent. Useful information and case studies shared in a punchy way. A good mix of product information and case studies showing practical application. The management and engagement manifestos were also informative."

Anglo-Dutch Innovation Lab workshop – the housing organisation of the future, Virtual workshop, November 2020

"Really enjoyed it and its reassuring that I am not alone when it comes to being able to 'think strategically'. Emma provided 'user friendly' information which was easy to digest and understand. Thank you"

An introduction to strategic thinking, Virtual workshop, November 2020

"Really enjoyable and nice to see how everyone is adapting to change"

Rent Income Excellence Network annual conference 2020 – resetting our approach to rent income, Virtual conference, October 2020

"I really enjoyed this and found it very informative and left with lots of notes to take back!"

Diversifying your board and executive team, Virtual workshop, October 2020

"Worked very well on Zoom. Very well hosted by Jon. Both Chelsea and Danielle from PoplarHarca were engaging and shared good examples of case studies and how they used tech to improve case management."

New approaches to supporting hoarding tenants during Covid-19: A conversation with Poplar HARCA’s safeguarding team, Virtual workshop, October 2020

"This was a very informative session and it was great to hear from Del and get the tenants input on adapted housing."

 Accessible Homes – building homes for the future, Virtual workshop, September 2020

"I really enjoyed it and my take aways for future face to face engagment are the Priming, Pledging and Role of Staff. Lots to consider and implement"

FeelSafe – rethinking the customer experience in the post-pandemic era, Virtual workshop, September 2020

"Really informative session with knowledgeable speakers. A lot of food for thought."

Holding back the tide – the Fitness for Human Habitation Act and the rise in disrepair claims, Virtual workshop, August 2020

"The whole event worked very smoothly and I was impressed by the speakers and the quality of the presentations. Emma, the host, was particularly good throughout the conference and the timings were spot on. Zoom was also fine - easy to see everything and worked well. Being able to do this virtually saves so much time"

The Strategic Housing Conference 2020, Virtual conference, August 2020

"I thought the whole format worked really well, lots of short presentations was def good to keep engagement as it's easy to be distracted when doing these things from your desk, it will also good to be able to go back and listen later to things that I missed."

The Housing Quality Network annual conference 2020: Back from the brink, Virtual conference, July 2020

Event testimonial quotes

HQN Training

"Having been on the course before, I found Tony was able to go over previously covered subjects in a a different manner to keep us all engaged. The refresher was greatly appreciated and new/updated information given. The group session was a great size to be able to gain insight and useful suggestions and work ethic from them."

Gone but not forgotten – managing former tenant debt, Live virtual training, November 2020

"I think all front line staff should have this training, as anyone going into a property should be able to report a repair and raise a concern."

Property and site inspection for non-technical staff, Virtual in-house training, October 2020

"I was intrigued to see how the training would work in a virtual format. I felt the engagement of the trainer was very good and I liked how flip-charts were still able to be used during a virtual environment. Very thought provoking and useful for an employee that hasn't done much in the way of report writing."

Report writing, Virtual in-house training, October 2020

"This is the first course which I have attended for S20 being new to home ownership, the information given was easy to follow with lots of useful information."

S.20 consultation – how to do it correctly so you can recover the costs of repairs and improvements from leaseholders and tenants, Live virtual training, October 2020

"It was a very useful introduction and gives good food for thought to gain further understanding of the topic."

A practical workshop on nudge theory, Live virtual training, October 2020

"I really enjoyed this training and I found it really useful. I can def use this knowledge in my job. Have also been working on a small personal projects and this brief session helped me identifying some faults. I would recommend this to colleagues."

Project management bootcamp – how to deliver a successful project, Live virtual training, September 2020

"Laura the host, set up the culture in the group really well and made me feel comfortable speaking up and out."

Leadership at every level – how to be influential, Live virtual training, September 2020

"I can't honestly remember the last time I attended a course this useful to me. I came away with so many answers and also ideas for improving my organisation and the way we support applicants and tenants who have issues with hoarding."

Advanced hoarding – working with hoarders, Live virtual training, September 2020

"Have nothing but praise for today's training which was clear and concisely presented by Danny, who has a very easy approach, ideal for online training just the right mix of talk and practical exercise - excellent, thank you"

Motivational interviewing, Live virtual training, August 2020

"One of the most unbiased, well balanced, training courses I have had attended. as difficult as it can be over zoom. Tara is so open and friendly, the subject can have it's dark side so was very well handled. looking forward to our next session. Thanks"

Hate crime, Virtual in-house training, August 2020