Tenancy management and sustainment

Covering all aspects of housing management including allocations, setting rents and welfare reform.

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pdf Current Safeguarding our customers – Lisa Smith, Gentoo Group File size: 259KB Published Date: 03/07/2018 Download
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pdf Current Universal Credit: Tenants in arrears rise to 86% Research released by the National Federation of ALMOs and the Association of Retained Council Housing shows that 86% of universal credit claimants living in council owned homes are in rent arrears. File size: 211KB Published Date: 23/01/2017 Download
pdf Current Inside Housing – DCLG would fund homelessness duty if introduced The government would provide funding for councils to enable them to comply with a proposed new duty to prevent homelessness. File size: 103KB Published Date: 11/05/2016 Download
pdf Current Inside Housing – Housing officer jailed over homelessness fraud A council housing officer was jailed for five years after a “sophisticated” fraud which saw her process 23 bogus homelessness applications. File size: 94KB Published Date: 11/05/2016 Download
pdf Current Inside Housing – 1% of tenants takes up the Right to Buy Just 443 tenants have put in a formal application to buy their home under the flagship government housing policy since the pilots launched in January, out of more than 48,000 households in the pilot areas the scheme was marketed to. File size: 326KB Published Date: 20/04/2016 Download
pdf Current An innovative project that aims to put monetary values on the health benefits to tenants of housing association work has released its first findings. The research, by Affinity Sutton, Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust (HACT) and a London School of Economics-based economist, shows seven outcomes, such as talking to neighbours, accessing the internet and feeling in control of life, all have quantifiable health benefits for tenants. File size: 934KB Published Date: 17/06/2015
pdf Current This new briefing from Tony Kiely provides an update on the Live Running Sites and the latest from Department for Work and Pensions as they refine the processes associated with claiming and paying Universal Credit. File size: 130KB Published Date: 22/04/2015
pdf Current HCA letter - changes to the regulatory framework File size: 114KB Published Date: 08/04/2015 Download
Total results: 23