Tenancy enforcement nuts and bolts

Messy gardens; access issues; internal walls knocked down without permission – sound familiar? Every housing officer’s bread and butter is dealing with breaches of tenancy but they’re not always easy to handle, especially if the tenant has mental health problems. This course will look at the ways to deal effectively with the most common tenancy breaches and will also address issues around mental capacity.

Tenancy enforcement nuts and bolts

The course will cover:

  • Common law injunctions
  • The importance of the tenancy terms
  • Behaviour arising from a disability
  • Access rights
  • Getting paperwork right
  • Other enforcement methods
  • How mental capacity affects proceedings
  • The effect of an injunction.
What you will learn:
  • When to use common law injunctions
  • Addressing tenancy breaches
  • The relevance of the Equality Act
  • Dealing with mental ill health
  • The importance of working with partner agencies
  • Identifying potential mental incapacity.
Who should attend?

All staff who are involved in managing tenancies including those who deal with supported housing, housing officers, housing managers, tenancy management officers, heads of service, neighbourhood managers, and team leaders.

Mel Cant

Legal Mel Cant

Mel Cant became a Barrister in July 2000 and both prior to and since that time has worked within the housing sector to improve services to the public and providers by providing leadership, practical advice, training, support and guidance in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Mel’s “can do” attitude along with her passion for ensuring equality and fairness for all through outstanding customer service and providing practical solutions has made her a “go to” person within social housing.