Team development for tenants and residents – Half-day

Tenants and residents associations/groups play a vital part in the social housing sector, this half day training session is aimed at those tenants and residents who want to improve their effectiveness as a team, for the benefit of whom they represent and the organisations they work with.

Team development for tenants and residents – Half-day

Team development for tenants and residents – Half-day The session will explore:

  • Team development and effectivenes
  • Rules of engagement
  • Personalities in teams
  • Dealing with history
  • How to deal with conflict
  • What to focus on, goals and aspirations
  • Making decisions
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • How teams change
  • Why some fail and others succeed
  • Whom to elect as officers and key roles within successful teams.

Who should attend:

All tenants and residents who are part of teams and those who wish to join committees, boards and tenants/residents associations and all staff who engage with tenants/residents as part of there roles

Theresa Ganz

Customer service Theresa Ganz

Theresa Ganz has been a freelance trainer for over ten years and is a specialist in customer service, abusive contact handling, complaint management,  team development, communication, transactional analysis and presentation skills. Her background prior to her training career, comprised numerous roles in the housing sector, information technology and at Manchester Business School. Her courses are fun, practical and enjoyable. Theresa consistently achieves outstanding feedback about her training style and her ability to create a learning environment that attendees learn the maximum from as individuals and teams.

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