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Conservative MP calls for 'substantial programme of new housebuilding'

A Conservative MP has said that the country needs to build new homes to "increase job opportunities in the construction sector to drive the economic recovery, while building hugely needed new homes".

The MP for Kensington, Felicity Buchan, made the comments in a piece for Conservative Home.

She was elected in December last year, replacing Labour's Emma Dent-Coad. Her constituency contains Grenfell Tower.

She says having the Tower in her constituency means she is "acutely aware that each person should go to sleep at night in a safe and secure home".

She adds: "Good housing has a profound impact on health, wellbeing, educational attainment, and economic success. The prevalence of coronavirus in communities where overcrowding is common, is another wake-up call for the need for more housing.

"We need to adopt a two-step approach: ensuring our existing housing stock is safe and fit for purpose, while building more housing."

Buchan also explicitly mentions "socially rented housing" as an important part of the Affordable Homes Programme mix.

She called the building of affordable housing a "win-win", adding that they  provide "safe and secure new homes people need, while fuelling the recovery of the construction sector and the economy as a whole."