Social housing - an introduction

This course aims to give housing staff, board members and involved residents a working knowledge of the context in which they operate and how we have arrived there. It will give delegates insight into the development of social housing as a sector and profession, and highlight current key operational concerns and external influences on service delivery.

Social housing - an introduction

Introduction to social housing Key elements of the training include:

  • Locating social housing: understanding tenure in the UK
  • Who provides social housing? Who is it for?
  • Changing demographics and new challenges for the sector
  • What is social housing and how did it develop? The Victorian philanthropists and early state intervention
  • From the welfare state to a business focus: the reconfiguration of tenants as customers
  • Housing management under the spotlight: delivering core services in context – key functions, key concerns
  • Understanding service delivery: generic versus specialist working arrangements
  • Social housing: professional concerns
  • Who funds social housing and how are we accountable?

Who should attend?

All staff, board members and resident representatives new to the housing sector or wishing to update their knowledge in the rapidly changing housing world.

Michael Guest

Leadership and management Michael Guest

Michael Guest has considerable hands on experience of working as an independent adviser and trainer to residents undertaking scrutiny including scrutiny teams who have won national and regional awards for their achievements. He recently led a national masterclass on the topic. As well as scrutiny itself, Michael has extensive knowledge and experience of housing which means he can provide technical support no matter what service area is being scrutinised. His training is consistently well received with delegates commenting on his approachable and accessible, yet professional style. 

training track record

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