Scrutiny panel development

Tenant-led scrutiny has been with us for some time with many scrutiny panels and landlords reporting on the positive changes implemented as a result of scrutiny projects.

Scrutiny panel development

Scrutiny panel development Social housing is changing and this makes the role of high quality scrutiny more important. Are you achieving the right outcomes for residents and the organisation? How are you doing as team? Where are your strengths and what needs to change?

This course is an opportunity for scrutiny panels and landlords to take the time to reflect upon and review their current approach. It’s a chance to think and work together and plan for the future, and to consider any changes you might want to make to your scrutiny process.

On this course you will:

  • Briefly revisit the regulatory expectations for scrutiny
  • Examine how scrutiny links to other involvement methods in your organisation
  • Consider your current approach against the key principles of effective tenant scrutiny
  • Consider and review barriers to effective scrutiny and identify changes to working practices
  • Identify how you ensure that your panel remains robust and appropriately skilled in the future.
Who should attend:
Lead directors, resident involvement and governance key members of staff and everyone who sits on a scrutiny panel; particularly beneficial for panels that have experienced a change of membership.

Kevin Farrell

Resident involvement Kevin Farrell

Kevin Farrell has worked as a freelance trainer since 2010 and a consultant since 2003. He has been a housing practitioner for over 30 years in strategic management, housing organisations and local authorities, and as an executive director of a housing association and a voluntary sector homelessness organisation. He has also contributed to teaching at the School of Architecture & Built Environment at the University of Westminster. He specialises in resident-led scrutiny and has helped develop and support a large number of scrutiny panels, as well as delivering training and briefing sessions nationwide.

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