Making scrutiny work – workshop for involved residents and resident involvement staff

Resident scrutiny is all about tenants and leaseholders holding their landlords to account. An effective scrutiny exercise should report on well evidenced findings and identify recommendations which really make a difference – benefiting both residents and landlords.

Making scrutiny work – workshop for involved residents and resident involvement staff

Making scrutiny work But it’s not as simple as it sounds. This workshop will build on best practice and give delegates ideas to take back.

Delegates will learn

  • How to set up and organise a resident scrutiny panel
  • What support and resources it should receive
  • The objectives and purpose of scrutiny
  • About working as a team
  • How to choose what to scrutinise
  • Methods that can be used in a scrutiny
  • How to work with the landlord body
  • How to source good practice for the service being scrutinised
  • The principles of producing an effective report
  • How to ensure a rigorous and robust set of conclusions
  • How to develop recommendations from those conclusions
  • How to ensure the recommendations are implemented.

Who should attend

Residents (tenants and leaseholders) of housing associations, local authorities and ALMOs.  Staff who work with and support involved residents. This workshop is ideal for everyone new to scrutiny as well as those wanting to refresh their approach.

Michael Guest

Leadership and management Michael Guest

Michael Guest has considerable hands on experience of working as an independent adviser and trainer to residents undertaking scrutiny including scrutiny teams who have won national and regional awards for their achievements. He recently led a national masterclass on the topic. As well as scrutiny itself, Michael has extensive knowledge and experience of housing which means he can provide technical support no matter what service area is being scrutinised. His training is consistently well received with delegates commenting on his approachable and accessible, yet professional style. 

training track record

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