S.20 consultation – how to do it correctly so you can recover the costs of repairs and improvements from leaseholders and tenants

The aim of this training is to provide officers with an understanding of how different activities carried out by different parts of the business can impact on an organisation’s ability to fully recover “eligible” costs from both leaseholders and tenants.

S.20 consultation – how to do it correctly so you can recover the costs of repairs and improvements from leaseholders and tenants

This one-day course will cover:

  • Understanding the contractual position for both tenants and leaseholders
  • The Right to Buy offer notice (S125) – its importance for ensuring full recovery of costs
  • The S.20 consultation process in detail for major works, long-term contracts and major works within long-term contracts, responsive repairs. The pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Best practice in dealing with emergency works
  • S.20 case law and best practice
  • S.20B (18month ‘rule’) – how it works in practice, pro-active practices to ensure you are ahead of the game
  • How to enhance the consultation process – to avoid challenges at the First Tier Tribunal
  • Using the First Tier Tribunal as a ‘tool’ in ensuring the recovery of costs.

Who should attend?

All officers with responsibility for:

  • Designing, planning and delivery of planned maintenance and improvement work programmes
  • The delivery of the responsive repairs contract
  • Procurement and contract management of long-term contracts and tenders for works
  • Legal officers and leasehold officers
  • Officers dealing with RTB applications and notices.

Jackie Dickins (In-house)

Income management Jackie Dickins

Jackie Dickins has been an HQN Associate since 2001 and is our lead consultant for HQN’s Leasehold Network. Prior to this she held positions at a London borough and two large housing associations based in London, where she was responsible for leasehold management and promoting work in the field of low-cost home ownership initiatives. Jackie undertakes many of HQN’s service reviews and service improvement work on leaseholder and home ownership. She has also worked in interim positions with a number of local authorities, arm’s length management organisations and housing associations as head of home ownership/home ownership manager.

Jackie also runs pre-exam workshops at associate and member level for the Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM) and is delivering training for apprentices seeking associate membership of the IRPM.

Jackie is responsible for developing, and is a lead assessor of HQN's leasehold accreditation scheme.