Resident involvement – measuring the value of it

Residents are the life blood of your organisation. Communicating with them, involving them and listening to them is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation – even those who have little or no frontline contact with residents.

Resident involvement – measuring the value of it

Measuring the value of resident involvement The social housing sector has a long history of engaging with its residents and as it faces more challenging times the business case for resident involvement needs to be measured and fully understood by landlords.

So what have residents ever done for you? How do you measure the outcomes and impact of resident involvement to show just how valuable engagement is to your business?

On this course you will:

  • Identify the key terms (inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact) and their meanings
  • Explore how to show the value of resident involvement from the start by planning key outcomes
  • Review your current process for measuring the value of resident involvement
  • Identify how to measure impact
  • Consider how to feedback outcomes to staff, residents and the board
  • Reflect on your role in identifying business outcomes and impacts using resident involvement mechanisms and data.

Who should attend?

All resident involvement staff, community involvement staff, housing services, asset management, maintenance staff, and their managers.

Michael Guest

Leadership and management Michael Guest

Michael Guest has considerable hands on experience of working as an independent adviser and trainer to residents undertaking scrutiny including scrutiny teams who have won national and regional awards for their achievements. He recently led a national masterclass on the topic. As well as scrutiny itself, Michael has extensive knowledge and experience of housing which means he can provide technical support no matter what service area is being scrutinised. His training is consistently well received with delegates commenting on his approachable and accessible, yet professional style. 

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