Common building defects and failures for technical and non-technical staff

Get up to speed with common building defects and failures and best practice. Learn how to diagnose defects effectively, offer appropriate advice and apply the most effective remedial measure(s) to resolve them.

Common building defects and failures for technical and non-technical staff

This course will provide technical officers and non-technical staff with a sound baseline understanding of the most likely building failures and defects across a range of stock together with the remedial measures to take. This is a great course for new staff or updating/refresher training.

Delegates will:

  • Develop their understanding of the legislation with respect to managing and maintaining a property portfolio, the implications of failing to do so and how to protect the legal interests of the landlord
  • Explore the common defects and problems associated with a wide variety of housing stock – their elements, fabric and trades
  • Learn about the range of, and most effective forms, of diagnostic tools and equipment available together with their pros and cons, attributes and potential failings
  • Find out about the most appropriate remedial measures available to correct failure
  • Examine how recent improvements to stock may have compounded problems, eg condensation
  • Consider the best ways to explain and communicate with all interested parties, eg tenants, leaseholder, contractors etc.

Who should attend?

  • Building, maintenance surveyors and inspectorate
  • Quality assurance and property officers
  • Contract officers
  • Housing officers
  • Property, estates and neighbourhood staff
  • Contractor/DLO employees
  • Other interested parties.

Wayne Anderson

Technical Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson is an expert lecturer, national conference speaker, chartered surveyor, arbitrator and consultant. His training sessions are lively, colourful and interactive and are based on extensive experience gained over 25 years with best practice organisations involved in the housing repairs and maintenance sector. Wayne has a reputation for simplifying complex issues and encouraging frontline staff to develop a deeper understanding of maintenance issues that can be applied confidently on a day-to-day basis.