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Rent arrears rise slightly in latest Scottish Regulator figures

The Scottish Housing Regulator published October’s monthly dashboard report, showing a small rise in rent arrears after they dropped off in September.

This report is designed to help the Scottish Government and social landlords to understand the continuing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and to support the work of the Social Housing Resilience Group.

October’s dashboard shows rent arrears have risen slightly after a drop in September. Beyond the aggregate level, rent arrears for Registered Social Landlords have fallen for the second successive month while arrears for local authorities have risen to their highest level since April after a reduction last month.

The number of people who applied to local authorities as homeless remained stable, with just over 2,900 homeless applications made during both September and October.

For the second month in a row there has been a small drop in the number of households in temporary accommodation; where just over 14,100 households remain.

Almost 4,900 lets were made in October, which is 2% more than in September; and 40% of the lets made in October were to people who were homeless.