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HQN and Voicescape announce new partnership

Housing Quality Network (HQN) is pleased to announce their new partnership with Voicescape and official alignment to the Rent Income Excellence Network (RIEN).

As a result of the partnership, HQN members, organisations and charities can access content, webinars and events hosted by Voicescape, that will provide advice and guidance on how landlords can improve tenant relationships through behavioural insights, data driven approaches and technology solutions.

With a shared passion to effectively listen and be responsive to residents’ feedback, HQN and Voicescape will work together on a range of activities which will involve consulting with members, residents and service users on how digital transformation can facilitate better engagement between tenants and landlord.

Gemma Meeks, HQN’s Head of Commercial, comments: “We’re delighted to be working with Voicescape over 2021.

"In a post pandemic world, it is more important than ever to build on the positive momentum that has been made over the past year to stay better connected with tenants, drive a more detailed understanding of their behaviours, and effectively listen to resident feedback.

"It will be great to add value to our HQN members by sharing Voicescape’s knowledgeable insight and practical expertise in this field. We’re excited to get our partnership started."

Muhammed Shaikh, Head of Marketing, added: “We are looking forward to our new partnership with HQN and contributing to the RIEN network. Over the coming months we’ll be sharing the best practice we’ve developed in the sector particularly around income collection, arrears management and payment arrangements.

"We’re confident there will be some really amazing insights on offer coming from our behavioural insights and data science team, following their work with prominent clients within the social housing sector, that will be new, informative and practicable knowledge.”


About Voicescape

Voicescape is a software business which has been developing technology solutions in the social housing sector for over 20 years, helping social landlords to build sustainable tenancies through more effective customer engagement around the main touchpoints of the tenant-landlord relationship.

Using a blend of insight and technology the company’s services represent a unique offer in the sector; data science informs where to focus the effort and resource, behavioural science shapes the form of those interactions to deliver the greatest impact, and digital technology helps streamline communications to make sure contact with tenants is comprehensive, efficient and effective.

Today Voicescape works with over 40 UK social landlords using automation to help add value to processes around income, wellbeing, building safety and customer voice.