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Housing association cuts rent arrears in half in just two years

Ongo has halved rent arrears since 2018, with current figures standing at £600,000.

The organisation believes it has also got the lowest Universal Credit debt in the sector.

Over the last two years they have been dedicated to cutting overall rent arrears amongst their 10,000 tenants, by taking steps to support those struggling, and assisting people into advance positions with rent accounts.

They have helped people to overcome causes of debt, and worked with partners to ensure that tenants get the help, advice and any intervention they need.

Matt Kelly, Income Manager at Ongo, commented: “Our stance is always to support tenants and be as understanding as possible before we take action. So the best part is that this was all achieved without having to carry out a single income related eviction over the last year.

“We have a fantastic team who are responsible for these results and it’s down to them that so many of our tenants that may have been sat at home worrying, now know there’s someone at the end of the phone who can help.

“Our performance is being noticed across the board which is fantastic and I could not be prouder of what we have achieved for both our tenants and colleagues.”

Ongo has been approached by housing providers across the country to share best practice, along being invited to speak at national conferences hosted by leading organisations, including Housing Quality Network (HQN).

Steve Hepworth, Chief Executive at Ongo said: “Behind this trend of reducing rent arrears are so many stories of local people and families, trying their best. So it makes me incredibly proud to know they have received the support they needed to get on top of their finances.

“Watching the team share their knowledge with others in the housing sector is fantastic, and as an organisation we are delighted to see the difference they make every day.

“Of course thanks must also be given to our incredible and resilient tenants and customers, who despite the last year, have worked alongside us to achieve this target. We hope to see this trend continue for many years to come.”