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DWP fixes Universal Credit payment punishment

Government has announced that from November, claimants of Universal Credit will no longer be penalised for two payments in a month.

Previously, around 85,000 claimants were said to be impacted by this punishment, which occured when employers would pay twice in the month, usually due to a bank holiday or the way the payment falls in the month.

Part of that double payment gets docked from their next payment because of the taper rate which is set at 63p for every £1.

The changes come into effect on 16 November.

Minister for welfare delivery, Will Quince, said: "Universal Credit is a flexible benefit, and we continue to make changes and improvements to make sure people have the best experience possible.

"This change will give stability to people if they’re paid two pay cheques in a single assessment period, by ensuring that their Universal Credit payments remain consistent."


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