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DWP appoint 4,500 new work coaches

4,500 new Work Coaches have been appointed by the Department for Work and Pensions, under new government plans to double the number by the end of the financial year.

The work coaches will "use their expertise to help jobseekers across the country get the support they need to find a job, retrain or gain vital practical experience."

The next round of Work Coach recruitment will kick off in mid-November 2020 with thousands of new vacancies available.

Mims Davies MP, Employment Minister said: "Work Coaches are at the forefront of our national recovery and will be there for jobseekers striving to get back on their feet.

"From setting young people up with their first jobs to helping others retrain and find fresh opportunity in new industries, their support will help drive Britain’s recovery."

Along with helping people improve their CV, interview chances and job search, Work Coaches also help arrange more structured support including:

  • The £2bn Kickstart scheme which puts young people receiving benefits first in line for new six-month roles provided by employers from all sectors. The placements give them a wage for the duration and the chance to build their experience and professional networks.
  • The £238m JETS programme targeting those out of work for three months with a range of help from expert providers, including specialist advice on how people can move into growing sectors.
  • Increased support for 40,000 jobseekers of all ages through the Sector-based Work Academy Programme, which received £17m this summer and will help people learn new skills through a mixture of work experience and training.