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Congratulations to Welwyn Hatfield Council and Waltham Forest Council

We’re delighted to announce that two local authorities - Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and the London Borough of Waltham Forest have both successfully achieved income management accreditation.


London Borough of Waltham Forest

Gill Stead, Chair of the HQN’s Accreditation Panel, said:The team at the London Borough of Waltham Forest work within a challenging environment and are able to demonstrate strong performance, at the same time keeping evictions to a minimum.

"They have built a wide range of strong and successful partnerships that achieve real results, and can evidence some great examples of engaging with diverse communities across a range of issues, using an empathetic and considered approach to communicate important messages about welfare reform and Universal Credit. 

"As the first London borough to be awarded income accreditation by HQN, this is a real achievement.”

Shayem Pervez (Head of Housing Rents) said: “The accreditation process was well structured and thoroughly executed by the assessor (Tony Newman). We learnt a lot just from preparing the detailed bid document as we reflected on various areas of our work.

"It was a pleasure going through the process to identify good practice and areas where we can improve. I found it reassuring and invaluable to have an independent, fresh set of eyes to review the Housing Rents service. I’m honoured to lead a HQN accredited service and the teams are proud too.

"We strive to be the best in class as our work ultimately means we can help sustain tenancies, collect essential income for the Council and have a real positive impact on our residents’ lives.”


Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Gill Stead, Chair of the Accreditation Panel said:The panel was really impressed by the speed at which such an effective specialist income management service has been developed.

"The team at Welwyn Hatfield were able to demonstrate that they listened to their customers and acted on the things they heard, are able to develop strong and productive partnerships and have quickly established a culture of embracing new technology to provide on line services for their customers, as well as developing in house analytical tools, which helped them to evidence the significant social value they generate through their financial inclusion work.”

Simon Kiff, Income & Home Ownership Manager said: "The accreditation albeit a long one went I felt very smoothly. This in part was down to the commitment by the staff involved and Tony’s interview skills as he allowed the meetings and process to flow nicely.

"When we received the accreditation it was a bitter sweet moment as the team have worked extremely hard over the last 18 months – two years since transformation of the service and by achieving this was an indication of that, however with the issues around Covid-19 we could not celebrate together.

"Myself, Kathy and the team are extremely proud in achieving accreditation and feel this gives us the confidence in going forward with any challenges or changes ahead. We feel that this is only part of the journey completed and look forward to continuing improving the service we provide to our residents.”


If you would like to learn more about the accreditation, or find out how you can get your organisation through it, please visit our Accreditation page.