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Survive and thrive in Lockdown 3.0 with HQN – it’s a marathon not a sprint

  • Type Public training - virtual
  • Venue Virtual training
  • Start 24 Feb 2021 13:00
  • End 24 Feb 2021 16:00


Survive and thrive in Lockdown 3.0 with HQN – it’s a marathon not a sprint

The start of 2021 hasn’t been as positive as we had hoped.

The first Lockdown was tough but tolerable – we had the warm weather, the novelty of the situation, the camararderie and the blitz spirit to get us through.

Lockdown 3 is a very different prospect to the previous ones – and for most much harder to cope with.

We’re now in a very different state of mind – shocked by the unexpected nature and severity, the novelty’s worn off, the weather’s not great and the dark nights seem endless.

Just when we thought it was all over and the vaccine was here we’ve several more months of this to get through. It feels like ground hog day – we’re deflated and tired.

HQN’s here to help and support you through this.

Sprinting won't get us to the finish line but if we take it steady we’ll get there. It's about planning ahead, setting realistic goals and making consistent small steps forward, whilst taking each day as it comes.

In this session we will:

  • Address the skills that are required to successfully navigate lockdown v 3.0
  • Learn several techniques and strategies to help with the above
  • Explore how to plan when there is so little certainty
  • How we can get back on top of performance – ours and others – and finish off the year end in a strong position.

Who should attend?

Everyone who:

  • Needs reinvigorating and remotivating for this next lockdown
  • Is a bit ‘at sea’ about the next quarter’s priorities
  • Would like to get on top of their own/their team's performance
  • Would like help in regaining realistic control of their situation.

Our trainer

Laura Bouttell is passionate about inspiring people, whether it’s to deal with that challenging customer differently, to go out for that first run or to take that creative writing course. Her mission in life is to empower people to become their best. 

Laura is an ex-police officer, who has three degrees. She is a published academic author and editor.  

As a result of her time policing in Chapeltown, her own business and her time at Oxford, Laura has seen the gritty side of life as well as the ivory towers and uses her experiences in these diverse fields to help you achieve your dreams. 

Now Laura works with all levels of Leaders in Business to help them get the best out of themselves and those around them. She has worked with Leaders from the Co-op, Team Leaders from Asda, as well as many SMEs and owner-managed businesses that have gone from strength to strength.

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