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Setting service charges and maximising income – a practical workshop


Setting service charges and maximising income

It has never been more important to maximise income. In real terms the 1% cut over the next four years is the equivalent of 15% when you take into account that financial forecasts included assumptions about rent increases. Many organisations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on providing services. But few recover the full costs from their tenants and leaseholders. Councils are raiding the HRA to balance the general fund – yet another squeeze!

This practical workshop will assist you in maximising your income: we will provide working examples of how to calculate the real cost of providing services, how to identify where full recovery is not being made and how to bridge the gap. For developing organisations, we will highlight the critical path to ensuring full recovery of costs, including an exercise in how to calculate service charges when developing new schemes for rent and sale, to ensure that you have considered everything.

You will understand:

  • The relationship between revenue, capital/revenue expenditure and value for money and why recovery of costs is critical to a successful business.
  • What remedies are in place to assist in maximising recovery
  • What can and cannot be charged for in a service charge
  • Why getting the terms of the lease and tenancy agreement right plays a big part in full recovery of costs
  • Why the development, technical and management teams need to work closely together in the early stages of a new development to ensure full recovery
  • Why policy decisions will have an impact on maximising recovery
  • How the use of IT can assist in efficient recovery
  • The relevant legislation you should be aware of that governs service charge accountability and your ability to charge.

Who should attend?

Housing Directors and Managers, Finance Managers, Service Charge Managers, Home Ownership Managers, Asset Managers, officers dealing with RTB, RTA and new developments, housing and repairs officers.

Our trainer

Jackie Dickins has been an HQN trainer and consultant for 15 years and is the lead consultant/trainer for the Leasehold Network. She specialises in leasehold management and service charges and has carried out numerous ‘mock’ inspections and service reviews in respect of service charges and income management for organisations across the UK. Jackie has significant experience in all aspects of service charge recovery from the design of service provision, delivery of services and apportionment and collection of charges.

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